Tuesday, 27 March 2012


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It's pouring rain here and to be honest I love rain and the smell of it - so refreshing!

Despite of the pressure of my work right now, I've been doing some thinking/calculating/budgeting and more -ing about my financial because starting next paycheck I've to pull out a quite amount of it for my car. *ke-shing ke-shing!*

Rain is like a cheap but effective therapy right now. Oh rain, stop distracting me from doing my work! I'm busy, you know~

Friday, 23 March 2012

It's Spring Time!!!

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Yeay!! The Spring is coming... NOT for me! Basically, my country is summer through out the year. However, it definitely would be lovely to see all the blossom flowers.

What I've been attracted most is the flowery pattern with pastel colour on cloth - dress, maxi dress, blouse - you just name it! I think, living in non-seasonal country means I can wear this spring's outfits are applicable all years long. Wuhuu for me!!!

What ever it is, the most important is to have another one of the best year's moment, okay! Have fun~

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Lazy post

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 Lately, I've been busy with work, no internet connection, unstable emotion, personal problem and the list go on and on which difficult for me to come out with an idea to post in my blog. But, most of it obviously because of internet connection either no signal or slow connectivity that really pissed me of. Grrr!! *insert irritable mode here*

Any how, I'm back and will try my best to catch up all those lost times!


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