Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tipsy: Body Shape

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Oh my!! I just found a perfect (so far) body shape blog which talk about everything... From quiz for our body shape to do and don’t tips, to cloth’s suggestions. It is cute and has complete info that I should know. It’s perfect because I don’t have to register or what not. By clicking what I want to see/watch. That’s it!! Here I linked the website before I lost the address... Ha-ha! (link)

Lets the professional speak!

I took the quiz and the result is...
Wow, can't believe that I'm actually an hourglass. Ha-ha!

Do's and don'ts tips

Wow, I still can't believe I'm an hourglass body shape. Maybe it's true, just I'm not the solid hourglass 'cause Ive bumpy here and there. If you know what I mean. Ha-ha! okay, this result really encouraged me to work out a little bit to get the real shape of an hourglass. 

p/s: Let's dress up suit with our body shape!!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sport: Malaysia vs. Bahrain (Olympic London 2012)

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 It is such a disappointment to see Malaysia lost again in Qualifying Match for Olympic London 2012 with Bahrian... 2-3, man!! This is not good... Definitely NOT GOOD!

p/s: I'm so depressed after seeing that match! *sigh*

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Sport: Malaysia vs. Syria (Olympic London 2012)

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Update: As we all know, Harimau Muda lost with 0-2

Enough with the winning celebration of Harimau Muda in SEA Games 2011 last night. I can't wait to see the Olympic London 2012 qualifying match with Syria tonight. Woo hoo!

Match:  Malaysia vs Syria (2012 Olympic Qualifier)
Date:  23-Nov-2011
Time:  8.45PM
Location: Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
Ticket price: RM20 (open), RM40 (grandstand) 

For Malaysian, we can watch Malaysia vs Syria live at RTM2 or if you guys are subscribers of Astro, then tune at Astro Arena 801 Live. Others who's don't have a television, you guys can watch Malaysia vs Syria live through Streaming Online at RTM portal.

I heard that Syria team is one tough guys you know. Pity Harimau Muda 'cause they didn't have enough rest after the SEA Games 2011. I didn't expect Harimau Muda to win, but let's cross our fingers for it.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Sport: Goals from Malaysia (Football SEA Games 2011)

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Goal by Asrarudin

Penalties goal with Malaysia win 5-4

p/s: Last night was a good match. It's really breaking my sweats. Almost bring tears to me. Sob sob~

My new love...

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... Towards maxi dress!

I've done a crazy shopping spree last week by buying all maxi dresses I’ve seen online. Ha-ha! I’m totally will be out of money before this end of month. I am so-so-so messed up! Then again, this lovely dress keep calling and waving and pleading to me to buy them. Seriously guys, I've no choice other than buying them all! And if you are at my shoes, you will doing exactly the same too. (lame excuses~)

I am already having some ideas what’s to match up with this dress. You guys just wait and see. I’ll give you some suggestion to go with this dress.

Here are some sneak peaks of the maxi dresses that I already ordered!

 Vintage Freak Yaw
LadiesFash (left to right: green army, orange, black)

Lovely Shawl III

 p/s: I didn't bought much, right? Just 4 to 5 pieces only... Woaho!

p/s/s: I just remembered that I also bought another 2 pieces of blouses... Haha 

Update (24/11/2011): I had completely received all pieces that I ordered! Eager to wear it!!!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Sport: Harimau Muda VS. Garuda Muda 2011

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Update: Congratulation Harimau Muda. WE win with penalties 4-3 after both team ended games with 1-1 draw!! You guys are awesome... Aum aum~It was a blast! Thanks Baddrol Bakhtiar for the final kick! I were "wow" by Khairul Fahmi catched~

Aum aum!!
I’m laughing sarcastically watching the reaction of the audiences of SEA Games of football match between Malaysia vs. Indonesia last week. Dude…! IT'S. JUST. A. GAME!! Why were you got so emotional by burning up the flag, cursing, harassing, and blaming other team’s fans? It’s so funny and annoying and disrespected to other country. To have games spirit is good, but not this way. You just show how stupid, uneducated, childish, immature you are to the world. You are not just representing yourself that night also your country too, if you have forgotten! And, this is how you want peoples to picture you as a whole country of yours? Blaming others for your team lost is not the way. Lets the player do their job and we will see what is the result tonight!
Venue: Stadium Gelora Bung Karno, Indonesia 
Time: 8:30 PM

p/s: Let's the best man win!!!

picture credit: Mr Google

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Movie Review: Immortal. Legal soft porn movie in cinema?

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Theseus is a mortal man chosen by Zeus to lead the fight against the ruthless King Hyperion, who is on a rampage across Greece to obtain a weapon that can destroy humanity. (source: IMDB)

My review:
Just watch it last Tuesday. Honestly it is exactly what peoples keep talking in their blogs. This is a soft porn movie. I was thought it will be like 300 since both movies were from the same director (if I not mistaken). But I was WRONG! Wrong in everyway! The actors keep showing off their body with left-to-your-imagination’s costume. There are lots of what I considered as half-naked guys and woman in this movie. Is that your strategy to attract audiences? Really? What a cheapskate! The props are obviously studio setup, their costumes look like just come out from the store than the designer poke a hole at it to give an “ancient Greek” look, the armour look “plastically” plastic! The plot is weak and ridiculous. Some of the camera shots are rough and no continuality from one scene to another. The so-called “Virgin Oracle”- heroine is continuously showing off her body figure in the thin costume she wear and having sex(?) with the Theseus – hero. So, we shouldn’t call her virgin anymore, right? Hah! The action pack is okay but too gory then I can imagine. The gods being killed by the Titans (they are human which being cased from heaven and being prison on Earth). Just wondering, in this movie the Gods (Zeus, Poseidon, Athena etc) keep saying they are immortal-immortal-immortal all the time but how come they died (Worst ‘cause they were being slayed!)? Just two hours wasted of my time (money is not the issue this time because a friends of my friend generously want to pay for the ticket for us… Thanks bro!). Not recommended for those who really want to watch an action movie.

p/s: I do understand everyone have their own personal review. And, this is mine! Woaho!!

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Speaking London?? Aww, I like!

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G'day mate!
Hello Londoners and New Yorkers! Okay, let’s move on straight to what I would like to emphasize in this post which is, “English as communication language in our daily life”. (Aww, sound like English essay to me… Ha-ha!)

In our country, Malaysia, as we all know that English is our second language to be spoken of. Top priority for the MNC companies (even locals nowadays) when jobseekers are seeking for job. And, English has acknowledged long before as a world language. So here is a thing… How come there is still an issue when our peoples try to practise English in their daily life?

We can still hear a buzzing, sarcasm jokes towards peoples that tried to speak or write in English. Well, I just want to know one thing from this so-called professional judge about the main reason why there are so mean towards others? Oh, maybe you’re an English advanced practitioner so you can’t stand out hearing others try to speak in broken English which make your ears bleed? Or-or, you just envy when somebody else try to improved their English ‘cause you either ain’t better than them or perhaps worst in English, yet too ashamed and too lazy to improve yourself like them?

I, myself, have to admit that I ain’t good in English either, but I do love to learn it ‘cause I know if I don’t take any initiative to make myself better, who else? Learn as much as you can get. Internet nowadays make almost nothing is impossible. Age, times, peoples’ critics are just the bullshit excuses made by this lazy bonehead which end up achieve nothing in life other that regrets and whining about what they could achieve if they’re act different in their youth time. Huh, such a bummers!

There are two types of people when they are speaking in English:

Group A
“I… I… Will try my best to speak… To speak in English.”

Well, they’re trying their best to speak but have difficulty to spill out the words. This type of people that we should encouraged them to speak in English!

Group B
“Well, make up I semua branded product je. You tahukan I allergic dengan barang cheap! But-but, I takde intention nak kutuk barang-barang cheap ni... Hikhik!”

They only know how to put the words of “I” and “you”, in the sentence just for their conveniences or perhaps to look more classy(?). Okay, this type of group should be kicking at their ass 'cause they’re just wanted to showing off their asses! Bimbos! Woaho!

So peoples, let’s start brush up our English and never ever ever underestimated others when they’re trying to improve their weaknesses!

p/s: Err... Happy wordless Wednesday peeps?? Ha-ha !

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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Theatre Review: Badai Semalam (Storms of Yesterday)

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I am really excited to watch this play in these couple weeks because it was the first time in my life...yeay for me!! It’s also a goose bump to watch it ‘cause I’m also involved in the process of making the novel which has been brought out on-stage this weekend.

Basically, I’m clueless about theatre until a day before the play. I’ve been googling some information about direction to the venue and etc, and I just found out there is understated dress code for this kind of place. (O_o) I was like – What?! Dress code? I’m doomed! Nice, I don’t have any good dress to begin with. They should make it clear if there is some sort of dress code ‘cause I’m not those kinds of peoples that frequently go to this dress code’s places. Pftt! My boss gave those tickets and it’s too late to say no. It’s my boss’ artwork that will be playing that night. At the tiniest part, I do also represent my boss and the company at that night. Urgh, what should I do? Finally, I made a decision to wear my office wear. Then, it’s settled! Ha-ha.
Perfect timing! The lady with scarf just walk by when I'm about to snap the screen (-__-!)
Play : Badai Semalam (A Storm of Yesterday)
Main cast : Aaron Aziz, Erra Fazira, Fizz Fairuz
Time : 8:30 PM
Venue : Istana Budaya

A young girl been brought up in a big house with her mom working there as a maid. She has to go through the choices between her promise to her mother and indebted of the kindness and courtesy of the owner of the house. She has to choose the love between her bestfriend and the owner’s son. 

My Review:
Basically, it is a sad love story but they managed to put some humors also musical elements in it. The plot is entertaining and good flow. But, just judging from the play itself, there a few spot of inconsistency of the script flow after climax scene. It is sort of funny when the hero psychically knows the heroine’s examination result and congratulate her without being told yet. Ha-ha! However, it still has the base from the novel with a lot of alteration storyline. We can see the differences between the storyline from the book and the play.

Honestly, I enjoyed much more with the book ‘cause it goes far with our own imagination (as always!). Sorry! However, this is a life experience for me though and the actors are handsome and gorgeous as we saw them in TV.

Here are some pictures for you guys! 
My seating!
Khadijah Hashim (Author of Badai Semalam)
p/s: Aaron Aziz is so handsome and sexy and and funny in this play!

p/s/s: The play is still going on till November 20, 2011. Take a look and don’t forget to leave a comment of yours here, okay!

Update(20/11/11): This theatre will be extended for another 2 days! (wow~)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Me: Captured heart

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If it takes a day for trust,
Then it might take years to heal the wound;
But if I afraid to try,
I’ll never taste the sweetness.

It’s a symbol of happiness,
A gift from you to me;
I’ll treasured the feeling,
And keep the moment still.

This emotion itself is misery,
When it end I’ll cherish it and start a new life;
That is what I’m going to do,
My precious memory of you.

Love and hate of this relationship,
When I realize it will never coming true;
Thank you for the dream,
‘Cause I know it hurt you too.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Bila susah-susah ni la gunanya kawan!

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Aww... my BFF!! (kredit: Mr Google)
Pernah ada kawan yang paling memahami? Kawan sehidup semati? And and paling familiar BFF?

Pernah dengar quote seperti ni-->“Bila time susah-susah ni la gunanya kawan..haha.” Dan inilah yang selalu terjadi dalam masyarakat kita. Hanya nampak kawan-kawan time SUSAH sahaja. Time SENANG mana??!! Mungkin kita perasan atau tidak saja.


Dan dalam masa sebulan tu, facebook notication kita penuh dengan status:
A: Sesungguhnya berkasih-kasih sebelum mempunyai ikatan yang sah adalah haram. Hanya sekadar mengingatkan diri sendiri dan rakan-rakan~

A: Kawan-kawan lagi penting daripada buah hati. Hargailah mereka.

A: Seronoknya hari ni keluar dengan member-member. Best sangat!!!!! Nanti kita pergi lagi ek, guys!


Sepanjang waktu itu la kita sangat dihargai. Makan sekali, shopping sekali, sms dan call tiap-tiap setengah jam, status facebook pon penuh dengan status si A menghargai kawan-kawan, melambung-lambung puji andalah kawan terbaik pernah dia ada dan share post keagamaan tentang keburukan bercouple dan lain-lain. Wah-wah, baru break up dengan pakwe, tiba-tiba dah bertukar jadi ustaz/ustazah. Untuk memperingati diri sendiri dan rakan-rakan memang bagus(Tidak ada niat hendak halang pon). Sampai tegur kawan-kawan lain yang pergi dating pegang tangan, peluk-peluk. Tapi kenapa baru sekarang? YA, KENAPA SEKARANG?? Time ada pakwe dulu engkau pon sama naik je pegang tangan, peluk-peluk, keluar dating dari pagi sampai pagi esok baru tahu jalan balik.

Okey, fine! Kita fikir positif la yang kawan kita, si A ni dah insaf. So, kita pon kata dengan nada gumbira, “Ermm... ada hikmah dia break up. Dia makin dekat dengan Tuhan dan kawan-kawan~”

Tapi selepas sebulan dia bagitahu anda yang dia ada “rapat” dengan seorang "handsome boy" ni. Tup tup dengar dia dah couple dengan "handsome boy" yang dia baru kenal tu, itupun dari mulut member yang lain sebab kantoi dating kat *** Mall. Pergh... dulu time lepas break up, pergi mana-mana sekali, everything buat sms/call bagitau. Ini engkau dah couple, terus senyap tak cakap apa-apa. BFF la sangat kan! Mana artikel-artikel tentang keburukan couple-couple ni yang engkau pegang sangat tu? Engkau dah habis tegur semua member yang kapel and pantang jumpa couple kat tepi jalan pon nak kasi ceramah sekali. Mana janji-janji kononnya kawan la segalanya?? Sekarang sampai nak jumpa time weekend pon asyik busy ke sana ke sini dengan "handsome boy" engkau tu. Engkau tak rasa ke macam engkau jilat balik apa yang engkau pong pang pong pang kutuk dulu? Bukanlah nak kata diri kita ini sempurna, tetapi sebelum nak keluarkan auta-auta bullshit engkau tu(kenapa auta bullshit? Sebab, engkau pon tak amalkan apa yang engkau kata!), at least cermin la diri. Kang tak pasal-pasal kena baling balik ayat-ayat "memperingati diri dan rakan-rakan" dekat diri sendiri!

p/s: Kawan cuma penting time susah je... Time senang?
p/s/s: Diri ini pon bukanlah perfect. Jadi susah hendak menegur kawan-kawan kecuali mereka yang ingin mendapatkan pendapat kerana mereka sepatutnya sudah matang dalam berfikir bersesuaian dengan umur masing-masing. Tapi nampak gayanya, tekaan tu salah! Woaho~

-Another Story of My Life-

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Wordless Wednesday

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