Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Tipsy: Body Shape

Mumbling by YAYA at 11:00

Oh my!! I just found a perfect (so far) body shape blog which talk about everything... From quiz for our body shape to do and don’t tips, to cloth’s suggestions. It is cute and has complete info that I should know. It’s perfect because I don’t have to register or what not. By clicking what I want to see/watch. That’s it!! Here I linked the website before I lost the address... Ha-ha! (link)

Lets the professional speak!

I took the quiz and the result is...
Wow, can't believe that I'm actually an hourglass. Ha-ha!

Do's and don'ts tips

Wow, I still can't believe I'm an hourglass body shape. Maybe it's true, just I'm not the solid hourglass 'cause Ive bumpy here and there. If you know what I mean. Ha-ha! okay, this result really encouraged me to work out a little bit to get the real shape of an hourglass. 

p/s: Let's dress up suit with our body shape!!

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