Thursday, 17 November 2011

Speaking London?? Aww, I like!

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G'day mate!
Hello Londoners and New Yorkers! Okay, let’s move on straight to what I would like to emphasize in this post which is, “English as communication language in our daily life”. (Aww, sound like English essay to me… Ha-ha!)

In our country, Malaysia, as we all know that English is our second language to be spoken of. Top priority for the MNC companies (even locals nowadays) when jobseekers are seeking for job. And, English has acknowledged long before as a world language. So here is a thing… How come there is still an issue when our peoples try to practise English in their daily life?

We can still hear a buzzing, sarcasm jokes towards peoples that tried to speak or write in English. Well, I just want to know one thing from this so-called professional judge about the main reason why there are so mean towards others? Oh, maybe you’re an English advanced practitioner so you can’t stand out hearing others try to speak in broken English which make your ears bleed? Or-or, you just envy when somebody else try to improved their English ‘cause you either ain’t better than them or perhaps worst in English, yet too ashamed and too lazy to improve yourself like them?

I, myself, have to admit that I ain’t good in English either, but I do love to learn it ‘cause I know if I don’t take any initiative to make myself better, who else? Learn as much as you can get. Internet nowadays make almost nothing is impossible. Age, times, peoples’ critics are just the bullshit excuses made by this lazy bonehead which end up achieve nothing in life other that regrets and whining about what they could achieve if they’re act different in their youth time. Huh, such a bummers!

There are two types of people when they are speaking in English:

Group A
“I… I… Will try my best to speak… To speak in English.”

Well, they’re trying their best to speak but have difficulty to spill out the words. This type of people that we should encouraged them to speak in English!

Group B
“Well, make up I semua branded product je. You tahukan I allergic dengan barang cheap! But-but, I takde intention nak kutuk barang-barang cheap ni... Hikhik!”

They only know how to put the words of “I” and “you”, in the sentence just for their conveniences or perhaps to look more classy(?). Okay, this type of group should be kicking at their ass 'cause they’re just wanted to showing off their asses! Bimbos! Woaho!

So peoples, let’s start brush up our English and never ever ever underestimated others when they’re trying to improve their weaknesses!

p/s: Err... Happy wordless Wednesday peeps?? Ha-ha !

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