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Theatre Review: Badai Semalam (Storms of Yesterday)

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I am really excited to watch this play in these couple weeks because it was the first time in my life...yeay for me!! It’s also a goose bump to watch it ‘cause I’m also involved in the process of making the novel which has been brought out on-stage this weekend.

Basically, I’m clueless about theatre until a day before the play. I’ve been googling some information about direction to the venue and etc, and I just found out there is understated dress code for this kind of place. (O_o) I was like – What?! Dress code? I’m doomed! Nice, I don’t have any good dress to begin with. They should make it clear if there is some sort of dress code ‘cause I’m not those kinds of peoples that frequently go to this dress code’s places. Pftt! My boss gave those tickets and it’s too late to say no. It’s my boss’ artwork that will be playing that night. At the tiniest part, I do also represent my boss and the company at that night. Urgh, what should I do? Finally, I made a decision to wear my office wear. Then, it’s settled! Ha-ha.
Perfect timing! The lady with scarf just walk by when I'm about to snap the screen (-__-!)
Play : Badai Semalam (A Storm of Yesterday)
Main cast : Aaron Aziz, Erra Fazira, Fizz Fairuz
Time : 8:30 PM
Venue : Istana Budaya

A young girl been brought up in a big house with her mom working there as a maid. She has to go through the choices between her promise to her mother and indebted of the kindness and courtesy of the owner of the house. She has to choose the love between her bestfriend and the owner’s son. 

My Review:
Basically, it is a sad love story but they managed to put some humors also musical elements in it. The plot is entertaining and good flow. But, just judging from the play itself, there a few spot of inconsistency of the script flow after climax scene. It is sort of funny when the hero psychically knows the heroine’s examination result and congratulate her without being told yet. Ha-ha! However, it still has the base from the novel with a lot of alteration storyline. We can see the differences between the storyline from the book and the play.

Honestly, I enjoyed much more with the book ‘cause it goes far with our own imagination (as always!). Sorry! However, this is a life experience for me though and the actors are handsome and gorgeous as we saw them in TV.

Here are some pictures for you guys! 
My seating!
Khadijah Hashim (Author of Badai Semalam)
p/s: Aaron Aziz is so handsome and sexy and and funny in this play!

p/s/s: The play is still going on till November 20, 2011. Take a look and don’t forget to leave a comment of yours here, okay!

Update(20/11/11): This theatre will be extended for another 2 days! (wow~)

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