Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My new love...

Mumbling by YAYA at 09:00

... Towards maxi dress!

I've done a crazy shopping spree last week by buying all maxi dresses I’ve seen online. Ha-ha! I’m totally will be out of money before this end of month. I am so-so-so messed up! Then again, this lovely dress keep calling and waving and pleading to me to buy them. Seriously guys, I've no choice other than buying them all! And if you are at my shoes, you will doing exactly the same too. (lame excuses~)

I am already having some ideas what’s to match up with this dress. You guys just wait and see. I’ll give you some suggestion to go with this dress.

Here are some sneak peaks of the maxi dresses that I already ordered!

 Vintage Freak Yaw
LadiesFash (left to right: green army, orange, black)

Lovely Shawl III

 p/s: I didn't bought much, right? Just 4 to 5 pieces only... Woaho!

p/s/s: I just remembered that I also bought another 2 pieces of blouses... Haha 

Update (24/11/2011): I had completely received all pieces that I ordered! Eager to wear it!!!

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