Friday, 7 October 2011

Food: Garden Salad

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Lovely healthy menu suit for those who is in a diet program. Let's see some beautiful Garden Salad picture. Enjoice~
Shrimp Garden Salad nom nom!
KFC's Garden Salad! The appearence was good eventhough I'm not much into non-cook vegie
Pizza Hut's Garden Salad. This is definitely my FAV so far. Yeay, finally I love non-cook vegie!!! Maybe because of the beans

Secret Recipe(SR)'s Garden Salad. Errr..urmmm no comment (=_=!)
The last picture is the best (read: WORST!) garden salad that I ever tasted! There were just like I made it myself in the kitchen and me playing "Let's mixed all the vegie that I've in the fridge!!" Also, not to mention about its poor food presentation. Well, it does look quite nice from this picture, but you have no idea how it really is. It is not worth it for the price that we been charged. I really pissed off that time and my friend and I decided that this will be the last food nightmare for us from this outlet!

p/s: The last time I ate Pecan Butterscotch cake at SR was also sucks. The quality of the cake was really a foul!

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