Monday, 30 January 2012

I'm back!

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Hi, peeps! Sorry for a long pause in this blog. Actually, I have to go back to my hometown immediately, though. And to be honest, the main reason was because I'm sick for the last two weeks. I got my second (that's what my sister told me) chickenpox. Damn it!! I do  believe that I'm too old to have this illness. With the after-effect which were scars everywhere, could you imagine that!!! Also, the internet coverage was so slow at my house which put me in a perfect gloomy-dark-sick-day for the entire minutes I was there. Thus, it hard to keep up with this blog and, well, basically everything!

However, I took this unexpected sickness as a good excuse for me to have a long holiday with my family. It is good though to able to have full attention from our family like a baby... Ha-ha! Since now I'm back, I'll try my best to keep this blog alive again!

Till we meet again!

Picture credit: Mr Google  (and I improvised it a little bit... hehe!)

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