Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wake-up call #1 : Solidarity Palestine Prisoners Campaign

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Did you know that, somewhere over the sea, there are Muslim peoples are doing hunger-strike to show to the world about the cruelty of Israel? This is among the biggest hunger strike in history which is taking place in Palestine.

I just know about this today and I feel the urge to share with everyone. It's a sad story that peoples have been ignoring for too long. But, today, Muslim all around the world stand at their feet, doing what we can do to help our brothers and sisters. There have been thousands of peoples changing their profile picture to the blindfolded woman/man in brown and white caricatures in order to increase the awareness of their fight in prison. This image is a part of a solidarity campaign with the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails after entering the third stage in the hunger strike fight for dignity. The brown color is the color of clothing. That is imposed by the Israeli zionist entity on our brave prisoners. The logo on the right means “Shabas” and is an abbreviation for “Israeli Prison Service”.

The Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike need your help, please share this with your friends to spread awareness about the biggest hunger strike in history.

Bilal Thiab … 77 Days
Thaer Halahleh … 77 Days
Hassan Safadi … 71 Days
Omar Abu Shallal … 69 Days
Mohammedd Al-Taj … 61 Days
Mahmoud Sarsak … 55 Days
Faris Al-Natur … 48 Days
Ja’far Ezz Al-Din … 54 Days
Abdallah Al-Barghouthi 33 Days
more than 2000 Prisoner …. 28 Days

All these prisioners are asking for their basic rights as prisoners of wars - visitation rights, right of education and other rights - that are declared by international law.

I love this quote:

“Our gesture is symbolic,” said Mkaddem. “Even though this (campaign) will not free them, we want to deliver a message that we have not forgotten them. We support them morally not to give up and continue their fight,” she concluded. [LINK]

Therefore, I'm fully support my fellow brothers and sisters in Israel's prison!

Can read more -> LINK1, LINK2

p/s: I do copy&paste some of the information that is from a share link that being spread out in internet.

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