Thursday, 4 April 2013

OOTD: Outfit that I want to wear

Mumbling by YAYA at 11:49
Love this outfit. Love to try it and want it NOW! White jacket, electric blue blouse, and tuxedo pants perfect for work! I always love to wear jacket/cardi/blazer. To add bonus, my new colour sensation is ELECTRIC BLUE. So this fashionista wear it exactly like what I want to wear. Oh, don't forget about the boots. Love to wear a pair of good boots, but I don't see it possible with my country humid/hot climate. (Y_Y)

About the jacket:
 It has a high neckline in a  peplum silhouette with strong, slightly padded shoulders, and the front of the jacket is asymmetrical and double breasted-fashionista next door
Damn, I want it so much!

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