Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Best of August : Birthday Party!!!

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What is a normal thing when we think about birthday?

Birthday party, of course!!!

But, let me tell you about my not very fortunate story on the day of my birthday. Honestly, I'm rarely celebrate my birthday because there will be an occasion happen or compulsory camp to attends or bigger celebration occur.. let's say Eid Mubarak(this year!). Well, exactly on twelve o'clock of my birthday date, I was stuck in a horrible but expected traffic jammed on my way back to my parents' home. From a "normal" six hours long time travel to a very loooong eleven hours time travel. *sigh*

Enough with my story, this is something I love to wear if..IF I'm having a birthday party! When having a party, most of girl will be imagine to be a princess or the center of attentions. What else more perfect to be a princess if not in our own birthday party!!!! All eyes will be on us and it's time to shine, everybody~

This is definitely my style. Simple long flowy dress with a hard rock jacket-style to pop-up the edgy. Match the outfit with a soft patterned shawl, matching clutch and shoes. This shoes are so my thing! And why I chose red? Cause ruby is my birthstone and I love red. Oh, and don't forget, a nice head accessories look-alike a tiara to give a "I'M THE BIRTHDAY PRINCESS" statement. Hahahaha!! This will definitely be my night.

Let's parrrrTyyyYY!!!

Birthday Party!!!

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