Friday, 14 September 2012

Prince William & Kate Middleton in Malaysia??!

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Wow, I'm so surprised to hear bout this. I didn't knew they were coming till I saw the news last night. Did they (local press) didn't announced it before or I just missed the news? Ha-ha. But, surprised surprised they were already here. So,


Unfortunately, Kate's dress on the dinner night was not that flattering as usual. Quite a disappointment, though~ To be honest, I'm eager to see her dress 'cause most of her dresses are stunning... But, I guess excluded this one. However, her second dress is so Kate and that is more like her style than the dinner's dress.  LINK
Same dress when they're visiting war grave in Singapore. I love this photo~ (Source)
On a side note,

Pos Malaysia Berhad is issuing special series of stamps and philatelic product in conjunction with Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee and the royal visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to Malaysia.
Pos Malaysia head of stamp and philately Yasmin Ramli said the special series of stamps would be issued in two designs, one a picture of Queen Elizabeth II and the other, that of Prince William and Kate Middleton who are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.
These stamps, for RM1.50 each, will be available for sale at all post offices beginning tomorrow, she told reporters here.
Yasmin said Pos Malaysia would also issue special series of Setemku, featuring Upin and Ipin, next week.
“This series will have five themes, to be issued in stages, where customers will be given the opportunity to print their own picture on stamps which have  Upin and Ipin as background,” she added. — Bernama

p/s: Wow, they are really fast doing their work~ *mode:skeptical*
p/s/s: When I mentioned "Welcome to Malaysia", this video keep playing in my mind. My life will never be the same again!

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