Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Eid's Fashion : Hijab Styling + Tutorial by Amenakin

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hijab inspired look
I bought black chiffon dress (baju kurung moden) with silver/white detailing at the chest and knee also beautiful thick cuff. I always love black and it is the safe colour even though lately I've been tried to run away from black. Well what can I say, the design was fitted well with black then other colours. *sigh*

Now I have my Eid Mubarak outfit, but the problem occur is what colour of my hijab should I wear? Damn it! Definitely not black again! It will look like I'm mourning for death or something. It's Eid Mubarak for God sake, should be more colour or something, right? So... while I'm browsing YouTube, this video pop-up! It is so beautiful and look perfect with my outfit.  I think I gonna buy a grey shawl this evening since my sister had a black lace shawl years ago. (I think she still keep it. Gonna ring her for confirmation, than!)

Never the less, enjoys her video =)

p/s: I hope it will turn out amazing like Amenakin's tutorial even though I'll use different hijab material and I might post the picture if it turn out good!

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