Friday, 10 August 2012

Eid's Fashion : What I Want For This Year

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This is the cloth I love to wear for this year Eid Mubarak. Either a sultry-classic look or simple-cute look or both just fine with me!
20 by Rizalman
At first, my jaw's drop when I saw Rizalman's collection for this Eid 2012. Just B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L! I want to grab one, but then again money always been an issue. Maybe I should start looking for look-a-like printed fabrics and send it to a tailor. But, I bet even tailor won't accept it at this last minute call. Well, maybe next time!

It might sound weird, but this Signature Bow Kurung by Buttonmybuttons is quite similar with a design that always playing in my mind ages ago. I tried to gove this idea to my tailors, but it's always turned out unflattering and weird. It either I don't explained well to them or they just simply can't do it!

But since there is a graphic images, maybe I should give them a better look of what I want, right? Even though it easier for me to buy one of this pieces, but ...

My mind has been toxicated with 9gag. Hehe! Happy fasting and have a good day, everyone!

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