Friday, 3 August 2012

Fashion : Blaine Anderson - Female Version

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 I am thinking to buy a big frame glasses for my next glasses. I know peoples will say "It's too cliche!" or "too hipster!" Well, the problem is I never comfortable with any of my previous small frame glasses. And, I always thought that a big frame glasses would be much more comfortable and give me wider view to see. But, I never have a courage to buy big frame glasses 'cause it might turn out weird or not suitable with my face.

Ah, one more thing is, I've being browsing for an affordable printed satchel bag for work 'cause it give a smart casual look. Moreover, printed satchel look so chic!

When I'm creating this set, I realized something which is... what I want is a LOOK OF BLAINE. Pfft, silly me! I've been following glee till now and I always thought Blaine's image is too gay, but when I tried to twist it for female version, POOF! This is what I want to look like! It's like a wake-up call to try this look. Hehe~

A complete look of female Blaine including his accessories - statement glasses, bow ties, oxford satchel. This is wearable for college or outing with friends or perhaps to work, well after all this is a smart casual outfit, duh! BTW, have a nice weekend!

Baline Anderson - Female Version

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